Fashion is art

For me fashion is art. It is not just clothes we put on to cover our bodies. It is more than that. All the designers are artists in their own way. They work with all kinds of fabrics and they manipulate it in ways that are remarkable.  It is a work of true geniuses.

Currently, I am living in Rome, so I had the pleasure to attend the exhibition of the Hermès. It is a luxury brand that was founded in 1837. They make famous Birkin bags, watches, gloves, ties, fragrances, shoes, ceramics and scarves.  Hermès brought all kinds of masters of art from France and they revealed us the work behind the scenes.  It was amazing to see the artisans on the spot.

I was mostly taken by stamping designs on the silk for the scarfs. How they manage to transfer designs from the computer to the silk. Colors just came alive on these scarves.

On this exhibition, I could see with my own eyes how can be art combined with fashion. Even all of us can be artists every day. We transfer ordinary clothes. We put them in…

My wild DIY

Recently I've found out that I enjoy crafting, like really enjoy.  It can pass two hours and I wouldn’t know, it is just relaxing and satisfying. But I have to say, that I am not good artist. I love wrapping gifts for friends and family by myself. I keep decorations from gifts that I got and are reusable.  Here are some of my wild DIYs.  I didn’t took photos throughout the process but I will try to explain beside photos of finished products, what I did and what I used for making those things new, shiny and wannabe amazing. They are at least amazing for me. (At the end, they are in my bedroom, they have to be amazing to me hahah.)

Magic lamp I have this ugly old lamp, with weird base and white shade. I want to have nicer lamp on my nightstand. I took old wine bottle, put in some sand for stability and wrapped it with rope and glue gun. I also did that to base of a lamp. I turn base of a lamp upside down and attached it to bottle. I covered upper side of bottled lamp and switch with s…

How to go on when motivation runs away?

In my lifetime I started so, so many things. I attended dance schools, music school, I played basketball, I wanted to build my own wooden lounge chair (I stopped at a sketch), I started making my own graphics, writing a book, I challenged myself with poetry (some of my poems were actually published), I attended a few group exercises, I drew fashion designs, etc. I could keep going, but is too miserable for me to continue. That’s also what has been going on with my fight with extra weight. I have been dealing with them for as long as I could remember. Being overweight is a number one topic in our family. I tried to lose weight lots of times. With all sorts of methods, but I never succeeded.

I have to say that my family completely supports me. My brothers actually tried to make me go for a walk or jogging, but I was such a rebel. When I was not in the mood for being active, I just couldn’t make myself move my lazy ass away from telenovelas. So after a few mistrials my mom suggested that …

You never forget your first ...

... yes, that is how people say. This is my first blog post and I hope I don't forget it.

Hello! My name is Klara and I have recently joined bloggers all over the world. I hope to share funny, inspiring, interesting stories from my daily life. I also hope that you will enjoy  my fictional stories. Sometimes I get inspiration and I just have to write something down. So because this is my first post, I would like to share five most significant facts about me.